Monday, November 15, 2010

Three Years Later

Three years ago I showed Ms. Lily (loving, vanilla wife) a strap-on website and could never imagine how my life would change. Well this past weekend we celebrated our three year anniversary, of being Ms. Lily and her knight, in a big way.

Well it all started a week before, when Ms. Lily received the CB6000 chastity belt the we had ordered; I was unaware that it had come in the mail, and was told to wear it for a couple of hours that night. By the end of the week I had worn it for 6 days, four of which ended an hour before our playmate came over, but it was not long before it was put back on.

Our playmate, we’ll call him MH, arrived around 9, we sat and talked and had a couple of drinks while watching porn. During conversation it came up that I had been caged for the past 4 days, and MH wanted to see it. So I went in to the other room and brought it back for him to see. To which he replied “put it on”, I was shocked and replied “excuse me”! And explained to him the only one that could tell me to put it on was Ms. Lily. So Ms. Lily told me to “go put it on”. “As you wish Domina” I replied, and went into the other room.

It was a little hard to put on because I was a little hard from the experience of being Dom’d by two people. After a couple of minutes I was able slide my cock into the tube. I walked into the living room with only my shirt on, to have my Domina lock my cock up, while there was another man sitting in the room. Ms. Lily slips the lock through the hole and I hear the click, and I lower my head and walk over to MH to inspect the device. MH grabbed me by the balls and pulled me in for a closer look, he asked “how it felt, and what happens when you get hard”? I answered him and he let go. I went and sat down and waited for what was next.

Ms. Lily stated that it was 10:15 and I should get up and suck MH’s cock, “yes Domina” I replied, and got up and walked over to MH. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off to reveal his hard cock. He sat back down and I licked the head and took it in to my mouth. He then put his hand on the back of my head and made me take all of him down my throat. I gaged, and Ms. Lily told him not to do it again, to which he replied “ok”. I continued to suck his cock while Ms. Lily sat in her chair, asking MH if I was a good cock sucker? She sat there holding the key that held me, asking questions about my cock sucking skills; this was such a mind fuck, I was at the point where I didn’t want to take it off. When Ms. Lily told me to “get up” and unlocked the lock and said “go take it off”

. When I came back Ms. Lily instructed MH “to return the favor”, he sat up and grabbed me by the balls, commented on the size of my cock, and took it in to his mouth. Ms. Lily sat in her chair, watching MH take my cock in and out of his mouth, till she stood up and said “switch”. MH settled back on the couch as I knelt before him and Ms. Lily sat down next to him she took his hard cock into her hands and guided it in to my awaiting mouth. Once he was in mouth she placed one of her hands on the back of my head, the other was firmly gripping the base of his cock. While saying “I never said I couldn’t gag him” she forced my head down till I had his whole cock down my throat, and held me there for a few seconds. She let me up enough to get a breath of air then pushed me right back down. This was truly amazing, the woman I loved so deeply, was controlling my head and force fucking my throat with MH’s cock. Ms. Lily got tired of this and said to me, “Lick me”. We all stood up, and I lay down on the couch, Ms. Lily stood above me and lowered her moist pussy to my awaiting tongue, while MH took my cock back into his mouth. But this did not work; we could not get into a comfortable position. Ms. Lily exclaimed “let’s retire to the bedroom”

Ms. Lily and MH lay down on the bed and I was told to light candles. With the candles lit I joined them on the bed and was immediately grabbed by the hair and pulled between Ms. Lily’s creamy white thighs and told to continue. My tongue touched the soft outer lips of her pussy and a shiver ran through her. She held my head there while MH sucked my cock Ms. Lily let go of my head and said “switch” He lowered his head between her thighs, and she let out a soft moan when his tongue touched her for the first time. I took his cock into my mouth again until I heard, Ms. Lily asked him “do you want to know how to get any women off?” he replied “yes”, and I was instructed to show him. Once I was done showing him he continued, and brought Ms. Lily to her to her first orgasm of the night. We switched positions again and as I was moving Ms. Lily whispered to me that “once you get me off, I am going to have him fuck you as you fuck me”. I licked and fingered Ms. Lily’s moist pussy, and it did not take long for her to have a massive “wet” orgasm. Once she calmed down she told MH to put a condom on and fuck me. Ms. Lily got into missionary position and I slid between her legs while MH positioned himself behind me. She told MH “to go slow and take it easy, since this is his first time taking a real cock”. As he said “ok” I felt his lubed fingers pressing into my ass. He applied a little more lube and slid his finger into my ass to loosen me up. He removed his finger and placed the head of his cock at the opening of my awaiting hole. He pushed slowly into me; I could feel my ass open to receive the head of his cock. Ms. Lily asked me “is it in?’ to which I replied “yes”. I slowly pushed my cock into Ms. Lily’s wet pussy when MH fell out of me. Ms. Lily wanted to see my face when I got fucked for the first time, so the position we were in was a little awkward for MH to get it in to me and stay there. We finally got it in and he fucked me while I fucked Ms. Lily, which felt amazing! Since I was caged I was going to cum quickly. I asked Ms. Lily “May I cum Domina?” she replied “yes” and I came inside her. MH withdrew and was told to put a new condom on. As he did Ms. Lily whispered to me “you should have helped him put it on” then turned around so I could see her getting fucked, from where I was kneeling. He fucks her hard till he was ready to cum; he asked for permission and Ms. Lily being in such ecstasy made a sound that neither MH nor I heard. I asked “was that a yes”, Ms. Lily moaned “yes” and MH came. He stayed inside her for a couple of minutes while he rubbed her back. We cleaned up said good bye and he left. Ms. Lily and I went back into the bedroom for round two, which left us exhausted and we passed out in each other’s arms.

This was an amazing night. Not only being my first time having a guy fuck me, but also being with two dominant people.

We are planning another play date for this weekend for Ms. Lily’s birthday. I will post about it next week .

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Femdom HNT

I am on vacation for the next week, so Ms. Lily told me that I am hers till I go back to work. So last night I was marked so I would have a constant reminder of what I am.

I was also informed that I would not be allowed to cum till Saturday. Well I had an accident and came while Ms Lily was playing with me. Ms. Lily told me that i would be punished some time today at her convenience.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Reality Part 1

The fantasy was written and read but the reality was so much better (More painful too). The night started, right after our kids went to their grandparents, Ms Lily ordering me to strip and lie on my back with the feet hanging off the side of the bed. Ms. Lily straddled me and attached a pair of nipple clamps to my nipples, she then proceeded to torture me by squeezing and flicking my nipples with the clamps attached, and time to time, leaning down and kissing me. This sent me right into subspace. My legs were then slapped open so Ms. Lily had full access to my balls. She started by lightly pulling and squeezing my balls, which got harder until she had both my balls tightly grasped in one hand. With my balls in one hand she used her other hand to pull the chain of the nipple clamps. With a hard tug on the chain she lets go and focuses her attention on my balls. They are still held tightly in one hand and now the other hand is striking my balls lightly, which is very painful. Ms. Lily asks how I am and I tell her super. Ms. Lily then informs me that the balls she holds in her hand belong to her and I am not to forget it! With that she starts slapping her balls till I scream in pain. She releases her balls and climbs on top of me again for more nipple torture. My nipples are tortured for a few minutes before she releases the nipple clamps, which sends a painful shiver though out my entire body. Ms Lily returns to between my legs and grabs her balls again and pulls, reminding me that they belong to her. i then receive two hard slaps which causes me to call the safe word. Ms. Lily stops and tells me to get dressed. I get dressed, and we go get something to eat.

Then we came back home......

The Fantasy

Last night was a night of limits being pushed. The true Mistress Lily came out to play.

I will start this story from the beginning, Last Monday Ms Lily told me that she was going to torture me all week and maybe on Saturday I would be allowed to cum. Well that did not work that well due to the fact I cannot control myself and came twice during the week. I was told that there was going to be consequences for my lack of self control.

On Friday I asked Ms. Lily if I wrote down one of my fantasies would she read it and possibly reenact some of it. She said she would. Well the fantasy is as follows.

Ms. Lily grabs me by the balls and squeezes, while giving a hard tug, which makes my knees buckle. Without letting go, Ms. Lily smacks me across the face and orders me to stand up straight and not to move. She continues to squeeze and asks " who is your Mistress?" I respond "you are Mistress". With my response she tightens her grip and asks again, again I answer " you are Mistress". Ms Lily tells me I am correct. Mistress tightens her grip around the balls to where they feel like they are going to pop, and tells me that they belong to her and that she is going to prove that fact tonight. As the last words leave her lips she lets go and delivers a crushing knee to her balls which drops me to my knees. Ms Lily grabs me by the hair and pulls me up, smacks me multiple times, and tells me how very disappointed she is with me for not following her orders, of not moving, and that I am going to be sorry.

Ms. Lily forcefully pulls me into the bedroom by the balls, attaches my wrists to the ceiling, and locks my ankles into the spreader bar. A butt plug is inserted and nipple clamps attached. Ms. Lily looks at me and says ' now stand there like a good little slave' she then gets undressed, taunting me with her ass and pussy, Mistress then asks how badly do I want her. I reply, oh so badly Mistress. She laughs at my response and informs me that it depends on how good I am. Ms. Lily has now put on sexy lingerie and her high heeled boots, she proceeds to push on my balls with her heel. Giggling at my reactions. She then kicks, knees, slaps, squeezes and punches me in my balls, giggling and remarking how much she enjoys seeing me in this pain. This goes on until Mistress believes I understand that I am here just to please her and that her cock and balls no longer belong to me. She then tells me that she is going to cause me extreme pain and if I move it will be 100times worse. She canes me, she uses her crop on me, as well as her paddles. Hitting me on the ass, balls, cock, and body till she believes I have had enough. She lays on the bed and has me watch as she gets herself off asking me how badly I want to taste her. Ms. Lily has her first orgasm. She gets up grabs me from the ceiling and ties me down to her toy chest. She continues to smack and paddle my ass the whole time explaining that she is going to make her little worthless slave cry like the bitch I am.

Ms. Lily sits down in front of me, just out of my reach and tells me to lick. She laughs at me as I struggle to reach her. She slaps me, more than once and says what a good little bitch you are, and that she cannot wait till she has a guy fuck me. Mistress asks me if I would enjoy having her watch a guy fuck me and makes me beg for it. She tells me she is going to find the biggest cock possible so I can get fucked by a real man instead of a pathetic little bitch like myself. She tells me to grab her double ended dildo, she sits down with it and tells me to get on my knees, she violently grabs me by the back of the hair and forces the cock down my throat. commenting on how nice I look with a cock in my mouth. Mistress shoves it in deeper and laughs as I gag. She tells me that a good cock sucking whore does not gag, they just take it, and shoves harder and deeper. She fucks my mouth till she comes again. She gives me a kiss, telling me that she is going to fuck my ass harder then she did my mouth and if I cum I am going to eat it and will receive a that I can remember who that cock belongs to. Ms. Lily fucks me hard telling me her objective is to make me cum with out permission so she can punish me. I hold out but fail and cum, she stops fucking me and puts the plug back in, wipes up the cum and makes me eat it off her fingers. Mistress slaps me, telling how disappointed she is in me and how sorry I will be. She gives me my lashing and as soon as she is done the plug gets ripped out and cock goes back in and she continues fucking me. She grabs me by the hair when she is done and throws me to the ground, saying a good little bitch knows his place, on his knees and gives me a little kick. Again she grabs my hair and shoves my face into her ass rubbing up and down. She has me stick my tongue in to her ass. I do as she wishes. She turns and kicks me again. Mistress then grabs me by the neck and angles my face up and slaps me telling me that I have to learn to control myself, pushes me down, laying on my back and sits on the toy chest, she proceeds to step on and kick her balls. She again puts her double sided cock into her and has me suck on it again, pushing my head down forcefully, not letting me up, hitting me with her cane. Ms. Lily cums again and orders me on to the bed. I do as I am told and she places her knees next to my hear, my arms are pinned down and she smothers me. She then turns around and sits on her cock and rides me until she cums. Mistress lets me cum inside her and then grabs me by the balls and leads me into the bathroom where she has me clean her dripping pussy.

Now that was the fantasy, I will post the reality soon.
Happy HNT

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A snowy HNT

Hubby braved the cold

& although you may not be

able to tell it was

snowing heavily....

all for our HNT enjoyment ;)

Happy HNT!!!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous

Valentine's day with

your sweethearts <3

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Everyone knows with the

economy being the way it is

that we all need to cut back

on our spending this year for the


lucky for hubby

he has something good

to unwrap all year long ;)

Hope you all have something special

to unwrap

Happy HNT!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009


As I was playing on the laptop

one night hubby decided

that it looked like a photo opportunity.

Here are a few of the

many he took that night.

He even had me change,

so there will be more to come ;)

Happy HNT!!