Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays HNT!

7 days till Christmas

I am almost done with my shopping,

a few more things I want to get,

My knight took the day after Christmas off,

So I plan on giving him his gifts later that night ;)

The best present I am getting this

year is having My knight home

for a few days.

Being able to have

that quality time

that has been missing.

I hope you all get that great present

that warms your heart and makes

you smile all day long!!

Happy HNT!!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Tree HNT

14 days till Christmas

We hope you are all enjoying this holiday season.

Here is our Christmas tree HNT,

I guess we should get some shopping done,

there is only one thing under our tree

to be unwrapped.

Happy HNT!!

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O !

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Kiss HNT

Ms.Lily ~ Purple
Her Knight ~ Blue

Ms. Lily and I traveled to New York for Thanksgiving, and made plans to go into the city on Friday night and meet Marcello for dinner and drinks. We met up around 7pm and jumped on to the subway to Soho. We got off the train and started walking ~I didn't wear heels this time~ we stopped at Babeland and looked around. Then it was off to Lucky Strike for dinner and drinks ~I had a ruby red cocktail that was so yummy~ When we finished, the three of us headed out, we walked and window shopped ~I wasn't wearing heels, so I had the urge to buy some, found a great pair of strappy red Aldo heels, but I resisted. Now I am going to have to pay shipping, because I still want them~ Next we went into Peculier Pub for some more drinks, Marcello and I tried a few different beers ~I was drinking a cocktail called Absolutely Smashed (apparently I was more smashed then I thought, the drink is actually called Absolutely Screwed Up), it was also very yummy and I drank too many of them~ We talked and laughed, I carved Ms. Lily's and my initials into the table top, it was a lot of fun. Suddenly it was 1am ~I know that's still early for some, but we still had an almost 2hour trip back to Long Island~ so we leave the pub and walk down to the corner, where we chat for a few more minutes, saying our good byes, we exchange a group hug, then as we release Marcello turns to Ms. Lily and says "do you want to try again?" ~before we went up in May, I had warned m that one of his HNT pics made me want to bite his bottom lip. So at the end of that visit I said ok I warned you and stepped over and bit his lip~ So Ms. Lily leans in and lips lock, it is electrifying to watch my wife kiss another man, it was HOT!

~I stepped forward and bit his bottom lip then we started kissing, he bit me back~ They stop kissing and turn and look at me, I state "That sucks I didn't get a real kiss!" Then Marcello turns to me and our lips touched, I went weak in the knees. I have never kissed a boy, before. I was in awe.

~I just stood there, staring, it was so HOT watching them, my knights are so HOT~ We all hug once again and say good night. ~wanting more and hoping it isn't another 6months till I kiss that boy again~
Ms. Lily and I grabbed a cab to Penn Station and Marcello went to catch the subway home. In the cab on the way back, I started rubbing Ms. Lily's pussy through her jeans and by the sounds she was making I could tell she wanted more. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid my hand down to her soaking wet pussy. I rubbed her clit for the rest of the ride.

So our HNT is of our lips in honor of my first time watching Ms. Lily kiss another and my first kiss with a boy.



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