Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spoiled HNT

My hours changed at work so I am now home in the mornings. This is nice because I get to bring my little ones to school and Ms. Lily likes it because she gets

So this morning I got up made coffee and bagels with cream cheese, than went and woke up Ms. Lily. We ate, and showered, and got ready to take our HNT pics. As always things heat up rather quickly, and what little clothes we have on are ripped off. Ms. Lily pushes my head down to her awaiting pussy, She moans softly as my lips gently rub up against her soft outer lips. I slide my tongue between those lips and deep into her already wet pussy, and her moans are getting louder. As my tongue hits her clit, she grabs my head and pulls me tight into her. I am than pushed away and told to go get her favorite class dildo. I obey quickly and am between her legs again. She instructs me to fuck her while I lick and suck her clit. I slowly slide the dildo into her and she moans, I than lower my head and start licking her clit again and she starts screaming. She has her first orgasm and tells me not to stop. I am pumping the dildo faster and I take her piercing between my teeth and give it a little pull and she screams that she is going to cum, with that she does, her legs tighten against my head, she squeezed so tight I thought my head was going to pop. She relaxes and tells me to fuck her and not to cum till she tells me to.

Well I went to work frustrated!

Have a very Happy HNT!!!!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday!!

I love to dress up,

The girlie things always make me happy,

I love jewelery,

I love stockings and shoes,

I love corsets, thongs,

and sheer nighties,

I love how sexy I feel in them and

the confidence I feel when

I wear them.

Happy HNT!!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Belated B-Day HNT

Last week Ms. Lily took me to The Pleasure Salon in NYC for my birthday. She informed me that I was to make a paddle for the occasion, for my birthday smacks. 32 people took turns smacking my ass ranging from 1 smack to multiple, in all the estimated total was between 200-250 smacks. After each person smacked me they signed the paddle so I could have a memento of the occasion. The last smack was saved for Ms. Lily.

We had a great time meeting new friends and sharing stories over drinks. Our very good friend Marcello opened his apartment to us for the night. While we were there Marcello declared Wednesday pink undies day. So here are the three of us are in our pink undies.

Her Knight

Ms. Lily

I want to Thank everyone (especially Marcello, Wendy, and My Queen) that made my birthday special and one I will never forget.

I love all of you!

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For anyone that is interested in custom hand made paddles please e-mail me.