Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Evening of Fireworks

He woke me up gently around 1:30am, running his hand up and down my side. I lay there as he lovingly caresses my body. He starts kissing my right arm, I am lying on my back, he puts his right arm around me and pulls me close by my hip. We lay there as close as two people can be, I can feel the pressure of his body pushing up against me. He licks my arm, he kisses my arm, he licks it again hungry for the taste of me.

He is lucky, I showered when we got home from the fireworks at the lake to remove the bug spray. I didn't reapply deodorant before bed. I lift my arm, he pushes his face under it, kissing, licking, loving to be surrounded by the essence of me.

He moves his hand down and is rubbing between my legs, his hand travels up and lifts my camisole, he grabs my breast and squeezes, roughly. His hand finds its way back down pushing my pj bottoms out of his way and onto the floor. We are passionately kissing each other as he spreads my lower lips and his finger enters the wetness he finds there. I have my feet together and my legs are spread wide, one leg nestled right up against his balls, as my hips lift up and down with the motion of his hand I can feel his hard cock throbbing up against me. He brings me to the brink of orgasm but I calm myself, I am not ready for that just yet.

Suddenly, he is on top of me, kissing me like he can not physically get close enough to me. He lowers himself, licking down between my breasts, past my belly bottom and finally my clit, rubbing the piercing with his tongue. I am in heaven as he slowly fucks me with his finger, knowing exactly the right spot to hit, he stops, I am now the one throbbing, he lifts my hips, he puts his tongue in me licking up any of my juice he can, his tongue is down to my ass licking the hole open to take in his soaking wet finger that has just been taken out of me.

He licks me, fucking both my holes, my hips are thrusting up against his face, bucking wildly as he is rubbing right up against my g-spot, until I can't take it any longer, I squirt my juices all over his face. He laps up everything he can, then finds his way back up. We kiss sharing the taste of me.

He has already slipped his immensely hard cock inside of me, we build a rhythm, I don't want this to ever end, the closeness, the physical and emotional closeness, we have not said a word to each other yet the connection between us is so intense there is no need for instruction.

I stop him and roll over, I want him from behind, to have him in me while his balls slam up against me. The silence is broken he wants to cum, NO, I am not done with you, yet. Again he wants to cum, No. Finally, as I can't take it any more, I tell him to cum, he erupts in spasms inside of me, we collapse onto the bed together. My pussy is pulsating as I drift to sleep in the arms of the man I love.

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