Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Reality Part 1

The fantasy was written and read but the reality was so much better (More painful too). The night started, right after our kids went to their grandparents, Ms Lily ordering me to strip and lie on my back with the feet hanging off the side of the bed. Ms. Lily straddled me and attached a pair of nipple clamps to my nipples, she then proceeded to torture me by squeezing and flicking my nipples with the clamps attached, and time to time, leaning down and kissing me. This sent me right into subspace. My legs were then slapped open so Ms. Lily had full access to my balls. She started by lightly pulling and squeezing my balls, which got harder until she had both my balls tightly grasped in one hand. With my balls in one hand she used her other hand to pull the chain of the nipple clamps. With a hard tug on the chain she lets go and focuses her attention on my balls. They are still held tightly in one hand and now the other hand is striking my balls lightly, which is very painful. Ms. Lily asks how I am and I tell her super. Ms. Lily then informs me that the balls she holds in her hand belong to her and I am not to forget it! With that she starts slapping her balls till I scream in pain. She releases her balls and climbs on top of me again for more nipple torture. My nipples are tortured for a few minutes before she releases the nipple clamps, which sends a painful shiver though out my entire body. Ms Lily returns to between my legs and grabs her balls again and pulls, reminding me that they belong to her. i then receive two hard slaps which causes me to call the safe word. Ms. Lily stops and tells me to get dressed. I get dressed, and we go get something to eat.

Then we came back home......

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