Thursday, March 5, 2009

Masterbate HNT

Well Ms. Lily and I have been exploring our sexuality for about 16 months. When we started I was instructed that since (me) masturbating did nothing for her I was no longer allowed to do it. If I did there was consequences that I would have to deal with.

Well yesterday Ms.Lily told me that I couldn't ask any questions and to do what I was told. She instructed me to go and occupy myself on the computer for ten minutes (looking at porn). When the ten minutes was up I was instructed to masterbate in front of her.

Happy HNT!!!!!!!

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Amorous Rocker said...

I love watching my guy masturbate. The combination of the act, the sounds he makes and the expressions that play across his face make it hot for me. :)

Those naughty panties are awesome!

Great shots. Happy HNT y'all!

Nolens Volens said...

Excellent concept for this week's HNT! My wife sometimes makes me masturbate in front of others or on cam for others. ;) HHNT!

Vixen said...

I love watching my guy masturbate....but only after he's pleased me first ;)

I LOVE that top pic!

Anonymous said...

Very hot concept.

I love to masturbate for a partner and love to watch my partner masturbate.

Though the Mrs. hasn't been into it since before we were married--when we get intimate these days she wants intercourse, which I'm not necessarily complaining about.

However, there's something very erotic about masturbating for someone and with someone, much more so than when doing it alone, which is just for the orgasm itself.

Anonymous said...


Too Sexy....what a turn on!

Anonymous said...

Well Im glad she wanted to share the pics! Delicious! I just LOVE watching a an masturbate.. though my experience has pretty much just been with Sylvanus. :)

xoxox mina

marcellonyc said...


You too are so awesome, miss you guys.


Christa said...

Oh, wonderfully hot photos!

Masturbating is great! Thanks for sharing the pictures.



Thursday's Child said...

I love watching a man masturbate, when their eyes half close and there's that moment where there's nothing in the world but their hand and their cock. Yum!

Anonymous said...

I admit it, there is something incredibly appealing to me about watching my guy get himself off. It never, ever fails to get me wet.



Hetero-Sapphic said...

Great shots!! thanks for sharing this!!


~*Jobthingy*~ said...

i think we all love watching

great shots.


Lilly said...

I love watching too, but you knew that. And that's still a fuckin great pic of your ass, I'm in love with the panties! I need some.

Moosekahl said...

She's a smart woman taking charge...Happy HNT!

rage said...

I think it's hot when my guy masturbates in front of me. Love the panties too!

Anonymous said...

i love to masturbate and be watched, either by people i know or complete strangers. over the years i've met a lot of people that enjoy watching and being watched as well. i also love to watch a man or a woman masturbate and pleasure themselves. it is extremely hot to watch it, and i join in and have to get myself to the edge of an explosive orgasm and stop myself.

you guys are so damn hot as always and the HNT themes are delicious!!!


bdenied said...
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bdenied said...

Masturbating for a lady can be a lot of were brave to show the photos...the girls sure liked it