Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our nightly rituals

Every night, we have our little routine

and we thought we would share it with you....

First we snuggle up in bed,

and read, depending on the night

it may be 1/2 hour to a few hours.

We both enjoy him

reading erotica to me,

the sense of closeness

and intimacy that it

creates is great.

Next, he gets lotion


rubs my feet.

Have to keep

the piggies

pretty and the

Queen happy ;)

We head to the

bathroom to

brush teeth, wash

face, etc.

I return to

my sweet knight

kneeling next

to the

turned down bed.

I climb in, we take

this time to discuss any

topics that may be

bothering either of us.

He turns out my bedside lamp, climbs on top of me, we kiss each

other good night, then if I want more, I tell him, if not,

he goes to his side of the bed, we snuggle together

and fall to sleep.

We both enjoy this time together tremendously and hope

you enjoyed reading about it.

Happy HNT!!

Now go visit O !


Vixen said...

Great pictures to go along with your bedtime ritual :P

Nolens Volens said...

I like that! Psst...I posted anew. Thanks for your sympathy. ;)

Thursday's Child said...

Oh, these are too sweet! I love little glimpses into others' lives.

And if I ever make it to NYC, I definitely want to meet the two of you!

Anonymous said...

Its a very sweet ritual to have each night. Sylvanus and I always have a chat in bed before calling it a night.

xxoxoxo mina

marcellonyc said...

That is your best HNT yet. Beautiful routine.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post. you two never fail to come through or amaze..


Bad Bad Girl said...

That's a beautiful nighttime ritual. Have a fantastic weekend, lovely.

bdenied said...

well that to me sounds like a really nice night together